hey gang
i have a school project to make a fake game footage in udk and our liscence is Nausicaa

so i am the animator/rigger
and i got a huge problem with rigging nausicaa with here glider, cause i whant to import nausicaa and her glider in 1 skeletal mesh, my first question, is it the right way to do it regarding that i need her on the glider for only 2 scene and its only going in matinee and its not for game.
the second problem is that:
im rigging with the 3ds max biped
the problem is that i cant find the proper rig to use; so i can move the glider with a extra biped bone for the general movement of the glider, and then use the center of mass of the biped for nausicaa movement on the glider (basicly putting
weight on here feet when she turns for example). i cannot find a way to keep the COM free of a bone that could controle the hole mesh.

can someone help me with this issue. maybe its not the best place to post a question on 3ds max but the only way i see this is with one skeletal mesh (nausicaa on the glider), cause i whant to do all my animation in max.

what do you think, am i on the right way, any suggestion, our tutorial that may be helpfull

ps sorry for the english its not my first language