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Thread: [OLD]Wake Up Call, Story-Based FPS--Several Positions Open, Really Need Programmers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironbelly View Post
    This is the bane of all project leads and one which you will experience a LOT, especially with 3D modelers. I don't know why but more than any other discipline the 3D peopel come and go the most.. Actually to take it to the extreme we have had 2 separate people who have joined our project and then completely given up their career as a 3D modeler to do something else and they were pretty damn good and experienced modelers. And the more serious, more organized and consequentially more demanding your project is the worse this is going to get as people join thinking they have the time, the patience and the skill to do what you propose when you recruited them only to learn that they have none of those things and then leave.

    Right now we have 30 core members and 4 new recruits. Over the past year we've probably had 50 or so people join the project and just to get those people I've interviewed and spoken 714 people as of this week. That gives you an idea of how many folks it takes to establish a good team that will see you through you development(assuming that something doesn't happen in their life that pulls them away). You need to be constantly recruiting, constantly, it never ends. If your work forecasts calls for 5 modelers make suer you have 7 core modelers and 5 in the wings ready to go or working on smaller tasks because in 3 months chances are at least half of them will be gone.

    The biggest advice I can give you is to just not stop.. You'll have probably your entire team leave at one point and a whole new team by time you're done but you're the only reason this project will get finished at the end of the day because mathematically if this takes 2 years, which it probably will, you are going to be one of the only people on board from the original crew. It's not a hit on you nor your leadership abilities, nor the project.. It's just a fact that people will get hired by AAA studios, people will have kids, people will get married, or people will just loose interest because while you can do everything possible to make sure they are connected to as much of the product as possible they still only see so much and to them it may seem like the project is going no where but to you you can see exciting progress that keeps you up at night and gets you up in the morning. Success rarely goes to the strongest or the fastest, more often than not success goes to the most persistent. and in the words of Forest Gump: "That's all I've got to say about that"
    You got it. Without Struggle their is no progress.

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    If you still need a gameplay programmer, send me a pm! I am far from the best but I might do the job.

    My experience in programming:
    - Web dev (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL)
    - Base knowledge of OOP, C++
    - Pretty good at unrealscript (better than C++)

    Major things I did (extending UT classes):
    - Custom AI (not THAT impressive)
    - Zombie spawner (pretty good)
    - Cursor and clicking on diffrent things event
    - Custom weapons (Ex: mine-thrower, explosive-tip crossbow (like in COD))
    - Third Person Camera with ability to scroll and
    - HUD using canvas
    - Custom key binds

    Major things I didn't do:
    - Inventory
    - Scaleform as HUD
    - Networking
    - Split screen
    - Custom menus
    - Mobile development

    I am a student, but I can work on it in my free time, especially to meet deadlines and if it's going to have my name on it (for portfolio)

    I can ask my brother to know if he wants to do some level design for you. He is very good (in my opinion), but very busy with school 5 days a week...

    PM me for more info!

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    PM sent to you.

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    A little update: added a link to our indiedb page at the top of the post so that people don't have to go to my signiture to find it. We also posted an update today on indiedb, the first update from us in a month and a half, check it out here:

    Edit: Also, just added facebook and twitter links.

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    Bump, I will be updating this page soon hopefully.

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    Hey guys, I will be posting another update on indiedb tomorrow, along with a suite of new art for this page. Just wanted to bump this up now, we are in need of a texture artist.

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    Just bumping along here.

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    I will do level design. If you will have me :P ill pm you with my past work.

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    Looking forward to the PM.

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    I forgot to mention, I have spent the past five years working in the unreal editor.

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