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Thread: Destructible multiplayer level WIP

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    Destructible multiplayer level WIP

    This is for my University project looking at how destruction can be used to affect gameplay, this is a fully destructible multi-player level using PhysX Apex.

    Its still very WIP at the moment, with basic models and texturing as the project is more about the effect on gameplay.

    Hopefully having a play test session soon.

    During the play test the players will only be able to destroy the level using a certain more powerful but limited weapon, so they have to think about how they want to use the destruction.

    Here is a quick video of me just blasting through the level

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    Very cool, hope you're at least re-enforcing the wall corners so those remain in place.

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    That is a really good idea

    But i think that if you make this multiplayer. All the walls will be gone in no time :P
    And you have to make the rockets short range haha :P

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    Thanks for your input , pretty much raising concerns that I thought might occur so shows i'm at least thinking along the right lines .

    @SantoToribio : Yup the buildings have core meshes since that video, so you can still destroy the pillars but a frame remains in place.

    @Carsten: Yeah thats true lol. This has been sorted so that during the play testing the rocket launcher wont damage the environment. Im scripting my own weapon and only that will be able to destroy the buildings, and only 4 or so of these will be available to each team over the game. Hopefully this is make teams co-ordinate their hole-in-wall blowing ability

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