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Thread: How do you exclude objects from DOF? (eg, the Skybox)

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    Question How do you exclude objects from DOF? (eg, the Skybox)

    Can anybody explain to me how this is done? I thought there used to be an option like that ("Uses Post Processing" tickbox or something), but now I cant find it.

    Really simple question, SURELY you can do this with UDK, right?


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    You can't do it. The whole point of post processing is that it occurs to the image after it has been rendered.

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    I can't think of a reason you would want to do this so can you explain the effect you're after? There may be a workaround.

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    The reason is so that the skybox doesn't go all blurry. I want DOF on all the forground objects, but I dont want the sky to look like its being viewed through a pair of inch thick glasses! Thats pretty weak man, how can an effect like this be impossible in such a high end engine LOL?

    What about TRUE depth of field then, where the focus changes depending on what your looking at? That cant be a simple "after effect" plastered ontop of the screen like a sheet of paper can it? Theres plenty of games with DOF, but still, the sky isn't blurry, such as Jericho, Crysis, Duke Nukem Forever, Red Dead Redemption, Deus Ex 3 to name a few. The funny thing is, one of those games was made with UE3. So I dont see how this cant be possible, if its already been done.

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    It probably hasn't been done like that.

    Think of it like this, if you were to do that in a rendered video, you'd have to render the background separately and then render the other elements, then you would render the DOF effect and combine the two, that means doing a completely different render pass and it would take a lot of resources.

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