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Thread: News From Epic Games - February 2012 UDK Beta Released

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    News From Epic Games - February 2012 UDK Beta Released

    Epic Games Releases February 2012 Unreal Development Kit Beta

    Epic Games, Inc. has released the February 2012 Unreal Development Kit Beta, the latest version of the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides access to the award-winning 3D game engine and toolset used in blockbuster video game development, architectural visualization, mobile game development, 3D rendering, digital films and more. The latest UDK beta is available now at

    Unreal Engine Showcase: Renegade X

    When the team at Totem Arts wanted to turn their award-winning Unreal Tournament 3 mod into a standalone experience, they instantly knew that the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) was the only tool for them.
    Now, with a single-player campaign already released and multiplayer on the way, Renegade X is another example of how the powerful and easy-to-use tools of the Unreal Engine 3 toolsetenable small developers to make their vision a reality. Read more.
    We have showcases of some of the most outstanding video game, architectural visualization, and mobile apps using UDK and Also be sure to check out the Works in Progress and theReleased Projects forums.

    February UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

    iOS Rendering

    • Added support for uniform color multiply mask

    • Documentation can be found here
    Mobile Scaleform

    • Added full support for Scaleform user interfaces on iOS devices


    • Integrated ReCast navigation mesh toolset, which provides fast and robust generation of navigation meshes

    Unreal QualitySwitch material expression

    • A new material expression that enables you to make High and Low quality versions of a material

    • Controlled by a switch in the material editor within the Utility Group, called QualitySwitch
    • The quality mode used is based on video settings. Similar to the Resolution and World Detail settings, Material Quality can now be set to low for older computers
    Unreal Landscape

    • You can now save and share foliage settings in packages

    Unreal Editor

    • New “Create Sub-Archetype” feature added to Content Browser. Right click on Archetype assets to create sub-archetypes
    • Material editor: Added “WorldPosOffset” category to the right click menu
    New and Updated UDN Pages

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    Crusha K. Rool
    Quite a thin release, unfortunately. Won't have any use for the ReCast-stuff, but I am sure many will find it helpful (though it probably doesn't work when you want to use more complex concepts in the pathfinding like teleporters, ladders and jumppads), the QualitySwitch is something I've been always wondering why it wasn't there yet and the Scaleform support for iOS will make things probably a lot easier for some people.

    The UDN link to the uniform color multiply mask documentation links to the non-public area of the UDN, though. You need to turn the https in that link to a http.

    Still yearning for a button that schedules an update of the asset database for the next run, more features for the SplineLoftActors and an option to run the UDK without alpha blend support.

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    Yeah the last month was a pretty big release and GDC is coming up so I'm expecting that Feb release is more bugfix than features... for a bigger March release based on what we'll see next week.

    So frankly Feb is one of the better releases to start on for a couple of months if you want stable tools with reliable features.

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