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Thread: Blood splatter tutorials please help!!!!!!!!

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    Blood splatter tutorials please help!!!!!!!!

    So i decided to make blood come out of my enemies and me and i 've made a blood emitter but when i just i test it on a flat surface it works but when i use it on a non flat surface like stairs rocks etc.... It hits it but it just floats just like shadowgun on ipod how the blood on the stairs floats on it but half of the emitter touches it but other half doesnt so i want a emitter which works like a decal cause you know how decals overlaps on stairs and rocks yeah thats what i want........

    Sorry for long post

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    Any one i really want this man i've been trying to figure it out for 3 months.....

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    So you want a blood decal that appears on walls etc, or you want a blood particle effect to appear on the character?

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    sup i want a emitter woring like decals like halo reach and other games cause when u make a blood emitter and play it on lets say stairs half of the blood effects will sticking out of the stairs u try it and you'll see. cause gears of war does that and gears of war is made by the same engine right

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    Particle emitters create particles, they aren't like decals at all. They cannot work the same because they aren't the same.

    Sounds like you are trying to create a static particle in place of a decal, that's not what they are used for at all. Use a decal.

    And no, Halo Reach does not use unreal engine.

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    What you need is to do it like..

    1. Use a Particle Emitter for Hit FX for the Player Character/NPCs.
    2. Use a Decal for Blood Spatters for the Surface.

    It will Only Float if you use a Texture.. Decal is totally different. I am not sure about ShadowGun/Unity, but a Decal will just do it fine. No more sticking out. We did the same thing in our Prototype & it worked like a charm.

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    For particle blood effects:
    Make sure the damage type you are using for your weapons has "bcausesblood=true" in its default properties. Determine the particle effects themselves in the enemy's familyinfo (it's under hiteffects or something).
    For decals to appear:
    This functionality is already present in UDK, all you need to do is change the decal itself to your liking, if you so desire. The decal effect can be found in UTPawn (search for LeaveABloodSplatterDecal).

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    i still dont get it can u guys tell me how to make the particle and how to spawn it when the player or bot get hit

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    And yes i know that halo reach wasnt made by unreal engine im a halo fan and i was just doing an example

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    And do i replace the particle material to a decal or do i make a decal and dont assign it the particle and does the particle just have to be the blood coming out effect

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