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Thread: Help with AI ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberbemon View Post
    I'm not really looking to implement super duper behavior...
    OK then, here is your stupid Bot:

    Quote Originally Posted by cyberbemon View Post
    if i can fix him shooting at me. i'll be happy...
    SandboxAIController work just fine, look at your weapon code (if your Bot have any...).

    Quote Originally Posted by cyberbemon View Post
    shooting him for a while makes him drop his weapon , but his body stays still...
    That you need implement in State Dying.

    BTW. Add some DynamicLightEnvironment in Pawn and bIsPlayer=True in def prop of SandboxAIController.

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    ohk the bot shoots at me now.. for some reason the weapon isn't showing up !.. but I don't care about that.

    about the State Death.. i'm kinda stuck at that.. so i added

    event TakeDamage(int DamageAmount, Controller EventInstigator, Vector HitLocation , Vector Momentum, 
    Class<DamageType> DamageType, optional TraceHitInfo HitInfo, optional Actor DamageCauser)
    is there any way I can play an animation before destroy() ?

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    Look in to UTPawn - same state...

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