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Thread: Please help will even pay for assitance

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    Unhappy Please help will even pay for assitance

    I'm trying to create an IOS game and I'm having trouble with the texture.

    I set it up in Photoshop with 1024 x 1024 dimensions and 326ppi and then save it as a .bmp 32-bit I use RGB color 1-bit (should it be 32-bit also?)
    Now when I set the material to a mesh it looks perfect in the editor and when I run on PC, but when I run on IOS its not crisp clear and its quite blurry and pixelated.

    Any one have any idea why? I would most appreciate help in setting up textures correctly for retina display.
    Should I be using TGA instead? Has it got something to do with compression?

    Any assistance would be most appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Do set up the material for mobile? Are you using the auto flatten feature?

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    I do use the mobile section for the material, however, I do not use auto flatten. Do I need to? What does it do exactly?

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    All iOS devices use the PVRTC format for their textures, which is a lossy format. That means a texture will always be a little more blurry than your original and carry a certain amount of compression artifacts when you view it on the device.

    You can try checking "Force PVRTC4" in your Texture Properties to use 4 bit instead of the 2 bit compression that is used by default and see if it makes a noticeable difference.

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    Yes always use auto-flatten

    You should be right click on your content material in the browser and click on "Recompile Material" for the texture to be seen if she does not appear after you close your editing window of your material.

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    Using auto flattening AND a mobile base texture is nonsense.

    Give the guide about flattening a quick view:

    Should answer some questions!

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    My bad, wrong example. Fixed

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    Thanks I will try force PVRTC4. If all iOS devices use the PVRTC format for their textures, which is a lossy format, then how come games on the app store have really clear art in comparison?

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    Because if you develop native apps for iOS (in Objective-C) you can use RGB textures as well (up to RGBA8888 afaik).

    Don't know wether there is an option to use these with UDK...

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    You're issue is with the MipMaps.

    You have your base texture and mipmaps of it at various resolutions for LOD purposes. UDK likes to use textures at half res instead of full res on mobile.

    The easiest way to deal with it is to turn off mipmaps, or just set it up properly.

    that will be a million dollars please

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