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Thread: changing game name.

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    changing game name.

    I want to work with the UDKRTSGame
    but I wanted to change the name to be what I wanted to call my game, and I know I would need to rework the files adding into the comment block at the top
    code was modified from className originally posted at URLHere
    this is based on the ability to use code provided by Epic Game's as starting points

    and then go to town modifying. this is where I got to.
    I renamed the files.
    renamed the classes, and replaced all references to those classes (except for the one in the comment block mentioned above).
    modified the DefaultEngine.ini for the new name,

    but here is the brick wall. when I do a full compile it throws a bunch of warnings that it cannot resolve references to the package, and when I try to copy the assets to a new package (this would be temporary until replacements were made) the editor can't see the archetypes, or says that this file cannot be copied/moved

    I even tried leaving the package name the same in the code files, but it still says that it can't resolve the references.

    does this mean that I can't change the name of the project? at one point I thought of copying the package file, and then renaming it in the new content directory, but that only copies 2 things

    also if necessary I will also give credit to the original creator (would you prefer screen name, or real name?).

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    Solid Snake
    Can't do it. Basically archetypes do not have soft links to class names. You would have to recreate all of the archetypes if you want to change the class names.

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    fun... thanks snake. then do I have to manually copy the other content things? (animsets, materials)

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    Solid Snake
    You can dereference te archetypes in code first, then delete all archetypes. Or you can create copies of everything else into a new package.

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