Hi guys,

For people who know me on here, total newb. Im trying to set up extra attacks on my weapon on an iOS. I've found a sneaky way around setting up buttons for attack / altattack extending SeqAct:

class SeqAct_GiveDownSwipe extends SequenceAction;
var() int Amount; // Amount of Weapon this action will give

// Name that will apear in the Kismet Editor
ObjName="Add DownSwipe"

// Name of the function that will be called when this action is triggered
	Amount = 0

// Expose the Amount property in Kismet
	VariableLinks(1)=(ExpectedType=class'SeqVar_Int', LinkDesc="Amount", bWriteable=true, PropertyName=Amount)

(In CustomerPlayerController...

public function AddDownSwipe(SeqAct_GiveDownSwipe action)
Simple enough way to set up buttons/swipes in kismet referencing different weapon attacks (for noobs)...

Now I want to add EXTRA attacks to the standard StartFire, StartAltFire functions... What my thoughts are is to do the same process as above, BUT calling a function in it somewhere saying 'If SeqAct_GiveRightSwipe calls StartAltFire, to instead use "this" animation instead. Perhaps the extra attack also adding +10 InstantHitDamage, however thats just by the by. What I'm really wanting to find out if it's possible to call this in the first place..

Now there's a few places this is being called from that I can put the code in.. MyCustomPlayerController, MyWeapon extending UTWeapon, or lastly the SeqAct itself activating the exec function via MyPC.

Does anyone have any ideas about where I could go with this?? Any help would be really appreciated..