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Thread: Help in establishing fighting game...

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    Willian BlackHUD

    Help in establishing fighting game...

    My name is William, I am very excited about what you can do with the Unreal Engine, but can not find any tutorial or article as a basis for the creation of a fighting game, that shows the view of camera setup, programming moves, combos and special and so on ...
    Using this engine, considering the creation of the fighters in programs like realflow, 3dmax and maya and create the UDK own scenarios in well with the special effects, and how people think the forum should be connoisseurs of UDK should know me man or direct me to where I find the basis to start at least, or other engine with the potential for this, I can create a basic game that has graphics as characters with levels of Soul calibur 5, or infinite blade created by UDK for IOS, and for fighters anime games like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation, based on a system of control where the character is free on the screen with the same movements used in devil may cry 4 and god of war III, follows links to the examples that I intend to create a fighters and style of game:

    Have consulted several sites UDK or co-related, at least the main ones:

    Thanks if you can answer me as soon as possible because I want to make a really decent fighting game for PC and wonderful glimpse into all that because they always find on the internet are those MUGEN I am a big fan or at most a KOF, Street Fighter 4, online games or games emulated on other platforms ....
    That is some merit to fighting games aimed at PC
    thank you now

    Sorry for bad english does not know how to speak English perfectly.

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    For DMC and God of War type games, you can start off with ThirdPerson Camera. For SFIV and SoulCalibur type games, refer the SideScrolling Camera setup. Both are available on the UDN site.

    Take a look at Melee Actions, on the forums.

    Combos can be done using variables to keep track of states and then having a function switch case for the correct animation, or just use the built-in "state" system and adapt it accordingly.

    Learn how the Animation System works in Unreal, figure out how it is going to be used in your game, specifically how to interrupt anims(for cancels), and ensure anim states are as you need them. Chalk out all possible moves with inputs on a chart, so that you can now decide how to setup anims for each transition. I made one for a simple direction+atk button game. Note that it only contains the states with buttons that trigger the transition. (BTW Click the second tab that says States, dont know why the other page got exported).

    Scaleform is great for menus but you can use Canvas as well depending on a) your experience with flash and b) the complexity of your menus or HUD.

    Single screen multiplayer is possible but it is yet to be seen if you can use the keyboard mouse to control player 1 and the X360 controller for the other.

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