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Thread: i want to import parted model from XSI to UDK as Prefab and easy import

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    Red face i want to import parted model from XSI to UDK as Prefab and easy import

    hi friends
    i am an udk starter...
    i want to import a parted model from softimage xsi to udk (like a robot with all the parts-head-arms-legs ... and bones in unit fbx file)but when i import that,all i see is that udk import's the parts of model in separated mode but i want to import them as united prefab like a container that Contains all of parts in normal style(set in softimage xsi). in the fact, i want to rotate or move separated parts in udk with code and want to easy import a model with separated parts like a robot but not as individual parts in asset controller... can anyone help me please?
    i have used unity3d and could import models as a prefab but in udk???
    even an useful video or etc link can help me...thanks epic...

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    trying to import a character model? or something else?

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    guess that i have made a car model with wheels , doors ,body and ... ,(all the model in a fbx file - all of the placement and bone settings in xsi) now i want to import that in udk but when i open the content browser and import it,all i see is that the parts of unit model are individual as different contents in content browser...
    in fact,i want to import characters , cars and other models but in prefab mode like unity3d not to separated mode...because it's difficult to set the parts in xsi and again in udk...
    thanks a lot ....

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    On import, tick the "Import as one mesh/Combine Meshes" it's something like that, should be obvious when you see it.
    That should do the trick.

    A combined mesh is not a prefab though. You cannot split it apart once in UDK.

    But something as a car pawn (I'm guessing it's meant to be driven?) wouldn't be done as a prefab, the extra bits would be scripted in.

    If you really want a prefab, you have no choice but to put it together again in UDK.
    But as long as you keep the meshes at the same pivot point at export, all you need is to set all the meshes to the same location, and they will have the same location relative to eachother as they had in your modeling program, and "pop" together, assuming you have modeled them in place.

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    thx dear Graylord ...this can be helpful...thanks friend...

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