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Thread: Ladders and Prefabs

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    Ladders and Prefabs

    Anyone fiqure out how to get ladders and prefabs to work? We are trying to make a tower and ladder volumes as a prefab. However when placed, they dont work. If I remove the ladder from the prefab, they still no longer work.

    Any ideas?

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    White Paper Games
    Dont you have to rebuild paths every-time you add a ladder volume? You tried doing that? And also Geometry but I presume you are already doing that.

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    Yup, tried both. still stop working once its a prefab.

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    White Paper Games
    Im not sure how viable it is but could you create an actor with ladder properties in scripting some how and assign a mesh to it (a ladder one) and then its the programming that handles the climbing instead of an actual volume? Thats just a theoretical idea, not a clue if it will work. Tough one!

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