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Thread: FPS Sports Game [Updated]

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    FPS Sports Game [Updated]

    Hey UDK-ians,

    I'm looking for some fellow hobbyists that would like to jump on board with a project of mine.

    The project is currently a First Person Sports game, it doesn't currently have any concept art or any art in it at all as it is in a prototype stage at present.

    The game runs online and on LAN, though I haven't tried anything big with it, just 2v2 in the same house. So I don't know how well it'll run with bigger servers, as I haven't had a chance to play test on a larger group of people.

    Now, onto more interesting stuff:

    The Sport
    The sport is a fast paced action sport based on ancient humanoid sports, it was originally a friendly game, but once it spread across the universe other races began affecting it. It changed over time to an almost gladiatorial sport. It became a blood sport and blossomed. The sport started up a professional league and soon companies from across the universe started sponsoring teams. As a way to kill people without starting wars, and to earn money teams were formed from many places across the galaxy.

    The Gameplay
    The game is played in a large arena, at each end is a goal, one for each team. The aim is to take the ball from the middle of the field to the goal in the opponent’s side of the arena. Doing this scores your team a point, and that is how you win the game, by scoring points. But watch out, while you are trying to score the opponents will try to stop you. By using the patented sports weaponry, they will fire concussive blasts that will knock you around and cause you to drop the flag. Watch out though, because those blasts may send you flying into some unpleasant kill zones in the arena causing instant death. Don’t worry too much, the pain will be brief before your memories are transported into a fresh clone so you can jump back into the action.
    Teams consist of 3 different positions, a blocker, a midfield and a striker, each comes with its own kit changing up its abilities. First you have the blocker, primarily a defensive player as they are slower than the rest, but he sure packs a punch, throwing opponents further with their concussive blasts. The midfielders are your all rounders, they can move at a decent speed and can hit ok, your real average Joes. Then you have the strikers, the fast quick strikers, are primarily used for scoring, or stealing, they use their weaker concussive shots to force the opponents to drop the flag and steal it quickly, and their speed to get those goals. Watch out when hit though, they get sent flying and often rack up the deaths.

    The Short Version
    1. The game plays, like soccer, with players having to get a flag/ball into a ring in the opponents half.
    2. Each player has a choice of 3 different classes: Heavy, Medium, Light. Each have different attributes, faster, less knockback, higher jump, more powerful hit, etc.
    3. Each player is equipped with a weapon that throws, the flag/ball and shoots out a short ranged explosive shot that knocks the target back and causes them to drop the flag. Sort of like checking in hockey.
    4. At present the only way to kill the other team is to hit them into kill zones, like spikes or something like that.

    Anything that I forgot I should have covered in this video.

    Also thanks to Chris Newman for his layout starter kit which I used in the video.

    Where I see this going:

    In my head, I see this game being something of a clash between Mutant League, Roller Ball and NHL. I am aiming for something that can be played competitively and if not that at least fun to play. I currently have no plans for selling the game at the moment, and am mostly thinking about using it as a portfolio piece and anywho who contributes would be able to do so.

    The Team:

    Me, Alex, as designer/scripter (have done everything on the project so far)

    Looking for:

    Anyone who wants to jump in.

    Concept Artists
    3D Artists
    UI Artists
    Level Designers

    If you are interested:

    Send me through a pm and let me know.

    Also, cause I'm not really in it for the money, if you want to try out the game here is the code and a basic level and get the layout stuff that was linked above. Hope that all works out, let me know if there are any issues with it.

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    Update on things I have been doing, bit slow though cause I have been working a lot.

    So what I have is some write ups about some races/teams that I have come up with.

    -Lizard people:
    Sci-fi Vikings. Love drinking, conquering and pillaging planets and moving on. Compete because they get to put the hurt on people.

    Power glove thing for Viking Lizards. It fires the concussive blasts from the palm.

    Terrible draw over of a goal for the Viking styled arena. The Lizards drop force field walls, seating, goals and kill traps around a town they have conquered and play there till it is thoroughly destroyed. Depending on how they feel, there may or may not be people still in the village when they begin playing.

    Rhino-based samurai, warriors at heart, deserters who do not commit suicide or get killed compete in the game because they are powerful and skilful and it will earn them money.

    -Sentient Robots:
    The left-overs from an ancient race, the robots continued to upgrade and advance themselves becoming sentient after a while and forming their own culture, though the isolation and the way they developed makes them seem insane. Compete because they like the sport.

    A planet of mad scientists build and put mutants into an amateur league and then form a team of their best to compete in the real game. They use the money they win to fund their experiments. Which are the mutants... it gets a bit repetitive, but hey they like it.

    Some quick silhouettes.

    -Insect People:
    Humanoid insects that have shells that resemble armour, they seem to be very spiritual people. They compete because they believe a healthy body brings a healthy spirit (they believe a spirit/soul needs to be earned, not something you are born with), they also seem to have a lot of pent up aggression.

    Quick sketch I did that inspired them.

    - Slime Covered Orb Beings:
    They are orbs... Covered in slime. They sorta just take on the shapes of things, but they always have an orb in the, most likely their brain. They compete in the sport because... who knows, they are orbs, they just sort of turned up.

    -Plant people:
    They are sentient plants that became humanoid after their planet was inhabited by humans. The plants, of course, took on similar forms before eating all the humans on the planet and beginning their advancement into a space faring race. They also seem to be hive minded, but only if they are grown on the same planet.

    Boring sci-fi humans.

    I also have a feeling this might work better as a work in progress thread.

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    Updated a bit.

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