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Thread: Top Down Game Fog Question

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    Top Down Game Fog Question

    Hey guys I am trying to make a top down puzzle type game and am trying to come up with a way to "Fog" the outside of the walls the player walks thru... Say you are walking down a hallway from top down view you would have the walls on either side and the camera is so far back that it actually draws the walls and the other stuff on the outside of the walls...

    What I am trying to accomplish is having the area outside of the walls blacked out so the player couldnt see it...

    Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated!

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    You could add a terrain with a terrain or bsp with a black texture applied.

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    I'm not sure if it works with detached cameras, but maybe a post process volume I know you can use them in first person to modify view-able distance, but never tried in third person.

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    Hey guys sorry for the long wait time on the repost...I did manage to wrap this project up as it was rather small and just a learning project. Anyways the way I did was actually what joshwinkler3d said. Thank you both for your replies!

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