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Thread: How to spawn a particle on the floor ?

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    How to spawn a particle on the floor ?

    hello guys , i went to this post and they told me to come here ,

    You can maybe help me on spawning an emitter on the floor since my floor is not stable , the particle must be everytime on the terrain , i want to do a circle like the picture i gave into the other post , thanks in advance

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    Create a static mesh that follows the terrain exactly, with a height at the maximum height you want for the flames. The base of the static mesh should use the texture for the ring. The area above the base should be transparent and then apply a dynamic material that makes flames - tricky but possible using masks. If you want smoke as well, just make the mesh bigger, and work more on the material. The mesh should have no collision set so that people can walk through it.

    Have a look at the waterfalls in the Envy Effects package for some ideas.

    If your terrain is mostly flat (ie there is not an enormous difference in height between the highest and lowest points) create a particle emitter that generates tall flames around the edge of a cylinder with its base set below the terrain (so just the tips of the flames stick through). The ring itself will still need to be a static mesh though, I suspect.

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    Oh, if you're not sure how to actually spawn the emitter in code:

    var ParticleSystemComponent MySpawnedEffect;
    function SpawnEffect(ParticleSystem MyEffect, vector Location, rotator Rotation)
        MySpawnedEffect = WorldInfo.MyEmitterPool.SpawnEmitter(MyEffects, Location, Rotation);
    function DestroyEffect()
        MySpawnedEffect = none;

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