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Thread: District 9 Weapon on UT III

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    District 9 Weapon on UT III

    I saw it, there is of that for a long time:

    I tried to contact "DrakeBD" on everything place and site or I found him, but I received no answers ..........

    I suppose that it is an abandoned project...... And it is really sad because this project have a real potential.

    I speak about these weapons:

    - AMR B21 (Arc rifle / Arc Generator):

    - AMR B5 (Assault Rifle) :

    - AMR B7 (Flames Thrower / Gas Projector) :

    - AMR-B43 Sonic Repulsor Gun :

    - AMR-B13 Disher Gun :

    Other / Not defined :

    SMG ? :

    Concept :

    It would be really great to have them in UT III.

    It would be great that somebody takes back the works and brings out these weapons on UT III.

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    Maybe it is possible to reuse already existing firings mod :

    For AMR B21 (Arc rifle / Arc Generator)

    A blue version of :

    - LightningGun 2K4 :

    - ONS LightninGun :

    For AMR B5 (Assault Rifle)

    - Why not :

    + A powerful shooting with a sighting glasses as for the sniper rifle. Maybe a charged shooting as this one :

    - RS Thor Lightning Gun :

    For AMR B7 (Flames Thrower / Gas Projector)

    - Fraegers Monsters :

    - EHScorcher (Enhanced Weapons Version 1.0) :

    - FIREFLY (Unreal Army Vehicles):

    For AMR-B43 Sonic Repulsor Gun

    Maybe a version of "EAD Impaler" with invisible bullets.

    For AMR-B13 Disher Gun

    - Diffusion Shock Rifle (Hammer.7F) :

    - N-09 Regulator (Hammer.7F) :

    For SMG

    No ideas for the moment.

    Sources of download :

    - Thor Lightning Gun :

    - LightningGun 2K4 :

    - ONS 2.0 :

    - Enhanced Weapons v1.0 :

    - FraegersMonsters :

    - Unreal Army Vehicles :

    - EAD Impaler :

    - Hammer.7F :

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    - AMR B7 :

    - AMR-B05 Assault Rifle :

    - AMR-B13 Disher Gun / Microwave Gun :

    - AMR-B21 Arc Generator :

    I am constantly in research for 3D models for the weapons of District 9, but it is not easy to find. All the weapons were made in 3D models but very rare are people who shares their work. I would post here all what I would find.

    It is certainly possible to reuse certain parts of weapon to create those who misses, example :

    These weapons can be carried as the stinger :

    In bonus:

    - Falout 3 D9 Weap :

    - GarrysMod D9 :

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    I will make some of these weapons as "backpack" helmets for the set of Prawns that i am making. This is just the 1st quick test run.
    PC Download:
    Prawn in Krall

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    HO..Hooooo..... YEAH !!!

    The character is really good, I like very much the texture of the skin and the shape of hips.

    But I am not sure that the faction Krall is the most suited. In the movie District 9, the aliens walk and move almost as human beings, they are more humanoids than Krall.

    There are other characters who have special legs but moves as human beings as for example these:

    I think that the faction IronGuard or the faction TwinSouls would be more suited to remain faithful to the movie.

    Can you try faction IronGuard and TwinSouls to see the result ?

    Later, for the final version, I think that it would be very good to have several choices of colors (grey, yellow, brown, green, etc...)

    Thank you very much for this first skin, I am very happy that to work you on this project.

    Many thanks for everything.

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    I added the 3D model of the AMR-B13.

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