Hey guys and gals!

I am struggling with keyboard input, as only one key works at a time, or at least in my situation...

my controller:

function PlayerMove( float DeltaTime )
   LogInternal("Move Player");
   if (Ball != None)
      LogInternal("Ball Alive!!");
my KActorSpawnable:

simulated event AxisInput(float AxisRight, float AxisUp)
   MovementDirection.X = AxisRight * strafeSpeed * -1;
   MovementDirection.Y = AxisUp * fwSpeed;
   MovementDirection = Normal(MovementDirection) * strafeSpeed;

simulated function AddInputForce(float DeltaTime)
   local vector PushVector;   local float InputForceMultiplier;
    // If the player is barely holding the joystick, don't allow player to move from that input
    // Basically allows for hard coded deadzone
   if( VSize(MovementDirection) < 0.2f )
    // Change the input force multiplier based on a curve
   InputForceMultiplier = EvalInterpCurveFloat( InputPushAmountCurve, VSize(Velocity) );
    // Store the actual direction that the ball should move
   PushVector = MovementDirection;
    // Only allow the player to move up in the Z direction a small amount depending on what InputThresholdZ is set to
   PushVector.Z = FMin(InputThresholdZ, PushVector.Z);
    // Increase the direction of the push by the multipliers (Constant + Curve)
   //PushVector.Y *= InputPushAmountY * InputForceMultiplier;
   PushVector.Z *= InputPushAmountZ * InputForceMultiplier;
    // Actually add the force to the Ball over a few frames
   StaticMeshComponent.AddImpulse(PushVector * DeltaTime);
Most is from Whizzle, any ideas?

Thanks guys!