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Thread: create a sand storm effect?

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    create a sand storm effect?

    I want to create a sort of effect seen in a map on mw2 Rust!

    I wan't sand to fly by asif it is a sort of small sand storm.
    What is the best way to do this?

    I don't understand particle systems or anything.

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    if you don't understand anything, the better way for you is get sand storm particle effect from original UT3 SandStorm map. if you understand how locate it's package and copy this into your game...

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    You could also start looking through

    I would also recommend looking at this free video from Eat3D

    Personally though, I bought Visual FX for Games by The Gnomon Workshop, it focuses on creating better realistic particle systems and features a particle system similar to the one in the video you posted,

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