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Thread: How to make full-screen flash ?

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    How to make full-screen flash ?

    I tried to find this question in the forum, but I couldn't.

    I made some hud, menu and other stuff in flash, but when i put it into the game it doesn't fit to the screen. It can take half of the screen or 80 % of the screen, but not full screen. How can I make this ? If there are special prorerties in UDK or in flash ?

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    Matt Doyle
    See the Getting Started forum sticky - Items 39, 40, & 41

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    Thanks a lot. Actually this action script code helped me a lot:

    _global.gfxExtensions = true;

    Stage.scaleMode = "exactFit";
    Stage.align = "C";

    var srl:Object = new Object();

    function updateHud():Void

    // Tells the stage to listen for changes.

    // Stage resize handler - runs any time the movie is resized via resolution change.
    srl.onResize = function()

    // Call updateHud on initialization


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