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Thread: DYSTOPIA -UDK- shortfilm -

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    This is awesome! A little bit too much nudity perhaps. Especially to watch it in a University Lecture about 3D modelling like I did. xD

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    very nice work! i really liked the look and feel of the whole film!

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    Very impressive...Love the enviro..Loved the robotic fly..excellent work matey..

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    Private Tux
    Your work is intended to be amazing. Great atmosphere, 3D shots and the environments are straight from the top. Keep up the good work.

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    Very well done;thanks for sharing.

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    how did you do that fancy hud stuff when the robot is aiming down his sniper rifle sights?

    95% hit chance...and he misses

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    Very cool.

    The part where the male character walks up the steps to the computer ops center shouldn't sound so heavy though. It sounds like the steps are made of drums and his feet are padded drum sticks.

    Very dark background methodology. Robots being used to murder ones competitor where the only person responsible is the robot that does the killing thus leaving the the human master behind the robot's control free to walk and destroy a competitor at will

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    Good work!
    How do you make that flare on robot's eyes?
    Can you help me with this?

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    Very nice. Especially for a one man project. My only suggestion is to take more time on the rigging of the characters. It looks like they only had the one bone traveling down their back when you really need at least three. Also if you take an extra bit of time making a nice IK/FK rig with good controls you save ten time the amount of time in the animation process, and your animations look better. No one can fault you for that though, this is incredible work for a single person.

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    makan ansari
    Amazing job dude well done

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