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Thread: Create HUD list with selection

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    Question Create HUD list with selection

    I want to do, a menu with the HUD class that allows me to display a list and select a single item using the cursor keys and accept my selection using the Enter key, and another menu comes from the previous selection and pressing the ESC key to return to first. Also I want to blink the element where the cursor lies.

    All this must occur on a screen where the player can not move until the main menu is closed.


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    Use scaleform... then don't pause when you load the flash movie..

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    I don't want use scaleform, this could be implemented using HUD class, I saw it... Here an example:

    That game list was created in 2006-2007 and using HUD class instead of Scaleform.

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    If anyone got anything on this, I would appreciate it as well.

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    The Canvas can draws materials on it self.

    DrawMaterialTile is the function to do that, so the blink thing is just about the creation of a pulsing material using Sine & Time.

    I just want to know how create a cursor and when directional keys are pressed, the cursor moves up & down

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    Keys bindings are in defaultinput.ini. Then add function to your PlayerController class
    1)Add function
    exec function UpArrow()
    //Do something
    2.Then in defailtinput.ini
    .Bindings=(Name="Up",Command="GBA_MoveForward|UpAr row")

    For mouse look:
    You can look example in FLCT, there are mouse cursor, menu item highlighting, drawing an image and text etc.

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    What you could do is when the pause button is pressed, set a boolean to true. In your HUD class, if this boolean is true, draw stuff. When you draw this stuff, you need to make note of the locations. Next, you draw the cursor where you wan to start it out. Then you use the keybinds to the UpArrow and DownArrow like rquester suggested above to move this cursor. Make note that it WONT move on its own. You have to make the UpArrow() change the location in which it is drawn (make limits for this so it can only go up so many and down so many depending on location). At this point, you should have the images up and the cursor moving. When the player presses the "select" button, you should then check where the cursor is, and depending on where it is, do a certain action. For example if you know that your Attack icon is at X= 200, Y= 200 (just an example), then you check if you cursor is at X=180, Y= 200 (beside the image). This is just example coordinates, but this is a way it can be done. Of course, this is going to take some trial and error and you are going to comment in your code where your icons are located and make sure when you move the cursor, it moves up or down just the right amount. You can also make note of at what location the arrow is beside a certain icon, because you'll again need this to check where the cursor is to decide what action to call when the "select" action is performed.

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    I understand that, just in case I want to implement, would not be in the pause screen, but in a battle where everyone who is controlled by the AI.

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    Am very new to udk and unreal scripting, am also looking to create as shown above HUD in my game, i gone through canvas technical guide and hud technical guide i understand the properties and functions, but how to use those functions in scripting and wht are the classes to extend i am not getting..

    Can anyone pls show me some example script for canvas and hud

    Thanks in advance..

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    Use FLCT (Script Wizard) - it can generate code with different options. Code has canvas menu and any other things.

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