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Thread: update from December sdk to January sdk

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    Question update from December sdk to January sdk

    How to update from December SDK to January SDK without downloading from the site...Is there any way to update directly from the program?

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    you have to download the whole thing.
    btw january udk is very unstable for me and quite a few things appear to be broken (or changes in the base code breaks my game at least), it maybe wise to stay with december.

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    for what January is unstable??

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    it crashed a good 75% of the time on startup.
    might be ok for you though
    i uninstalled after a couple of days and went back to december udk.

    i have lots of custom code in my game and in many instances it just didnt work in january udk.
    if you have none or little of your own code and it starts ok for you then theres no problem in updating.

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