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Thread: Documentation on importing Skeletal mesh FBX format to UDK? "failed to parse Error"

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    Question Documentation on importing Skeletal mesh FBX format to UDK? "failed to parse Error"

    I already posted this on the character and animation forum, but got 0 replies. So I am trying this here.(Sorry if it is in the wrong forum)

    I decided to try and import the UDN meshes before making my own to get a better grasp of the process, and downloaded the skeleton UT3_Male from UDN

    I then try to follow the instructions here:

    But when I click the "import" button in the content browser and select the FBX file I get a "Failed to Parse FBX (File Adress)"

    I am using 3DS MAX 2012

    Can anyone help me? All documentation I foung on 3ds max to UDK uses ActorX(which is not supported anymore) instead of importing FBX.

    Sorry to repost this, but I honestly don´t know where else to look. If anyone can point me to up-to date documentation, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I'm using 3ds max 2012 too. I don't know if this might help you but the way I do it is as follow:
    Click on mesh, then export/Export selected.
    In the geometry settings for the FBX exporter I check:

    -Smoothing groups
    -Tangents and binormals
    -Convert deforming dummies to bones
    -Preserve edge orientation

    Also be sure your mesh is in only one smoothing group and that your diffuse is already applied. Don't check animation.
    Hope it works,


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    Always check the log as it generally contains additional information. Can you see if there is any more I go in the launch.log in the Logs folder? Note: You may need to close the editor before it writes out the log.

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    Seems my materials were not properly applied.

    Thanks a lot guys.

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