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Thread: Unreal X-Editor - v3.1.5 Available

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    Unreal X-Editor - v3.1.5 Available

    So here it is guys....My first Unreal Script Editor

    Unreal X-Editor is my new editor for creating/editing Unreal Script files. Unreal X-Editor is packed with rich features that makes Unreal Scripting easier for both beginners and experts. Listed are the features of Unreal X-Editor.

    • Class Tree Viewer
    • QuickLoad
    • Code Explorer
    • Class Finder
    • Class Usage Finder
    • Class Reference Finder
    • Autocomplete
    • Autocomplete Editor
    • Declaration Autocomplete
    • Code Folding
    • C# Style Commenting
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Line Numbers
    • Auto Indent
    • Embed Selection
    • Basic Preset Scripts
    • Run UDK Editor from Unreal X-Editor
    • Run UDK Game from Unreal X-Editor
    • Compile/Full Compile Scripts from Unreal X-Editor
    • Various Skins to change the Look And Feel of Unreal X-Editor
    • And more...

    Unreal X-Editor is free for Commercial and Non-Commercial use.

    Go to Unreal X-Editor Blog to download

    NOTE: Unreal X-Editor requires .NET Framework 3.5 or higher to work

    NOTE 2: UDK Customizer actually works with Scaleform. Try it!

    Please post your bugs/suggestions/feedback here.

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    I love it! I'm going to use it from now on instead of notepad++. Thank you so much!

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    Great work. Not used it much but will give a good go over the next few weeks. First thing I would suggest is the ability to highlight the current line you are on. It's a basic request I know but when you have large files it really helps when moving around imo. The one thing that annoys me about Visual Studio Express is that you can't highlight the current line.

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    Crusha K. Rool
    -Some options we can set for the "Run UDK Game" button. For instance have it open a specified map rather than the default map that the UDK starts with (so actually simply add parameters to the UDK.exe).
    Or parameters for the compile button (like -silent -debug -make -full and so on…)

    -Class/package tree, like in WOTgreal.

    -Debugger support.

    -Clicking on a variable or function while holding CTRL should take you to the most derived definition of that variable or function. Clicking on a class literal should open that class in a new tab. (Tabs would be nice in general, so you can also browse code)

    -A dotted line between pairs of brackets, starting on the column of the bottom bracket, to make it easy to see matching brackets without having to select them first. See WOTgreal.

    -A button to quickly access the EditPackages list in the INI, since it's required for compiling.

    -Better autocomplete. It's quite biased at the moment as it shows me "simulated function" but not "simulated event". And stuff like Object.SomeFunction/SomeVariable doesn't really provide anything useful at all yet.

    -Allow to define pre-set text that can be pasted in with a shortcut. Like pressing CTRL + T would insert
    // MyFunction
    // @param1:
    // @param2:
    which I defined in the options menu.

    -A functionality to convert all hard tabs when I save the file to a number of spaces that I can specify. Or the other way around.

    -Pressing Tab should not offset my cursor by 4 spaces every time but first try to put it at the height of the next word in the line above it, if there is such a word.

    -Not exactly my case, but some coders prefer it if pressing "Ins" turns the cursor into an insertion cursor, which will replace the character at the current position rather than inserting before it. The cursor is then represented by a full rectangle rather than a line.

    More suggestions will follow once you are on par with WOTgreal.

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    While it's a fine start there is a lot of work to be done before I would even consider using it.

    -Tabs. One file pr. instance is not useable

    -Intellisense. Completion of variables names, methods (and their arguments), types and such.

    -Go to definition

    -Search across the entire project.

    Oh, and the "Download Unreal Script Wizard" box just gives me an error.

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    Good job. I 've got a suggestion. Intellisense similar something integrate to your editor.

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    very nice, i will try it, but it looks like a great tool !!!!

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    WOW. This editor is lovely, this is what i was looking for. Thanks a lot!!

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    hi guy's! This program work as nFringe? if so it look amazing, beautiful interface good job

    i must register for use this??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceora View Post
    hi guy's! This program work as nFringe? if so it look amazing, beautiful interface good job

    i must register for use this??
    You dont have to register to download and use this. However, there is a registration option and it is only used to fill Customer List. You can download for free from:

    You can see the Help file here:

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