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Thread: Project Piracy

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    Project Piracy:

    - Set in the 1600/1700s

    - Open World-Multiplayer (FPS)

    - Modes:

    Sea Battle:

    Sink the enemies boat. Each player can either man a cannon, jump over to the enemy boat.

    Treasure Hunt:
    Find the treasure chest and take it to your nearest ship. (It's pretty much the same as Capture The Flag)

    Test your hand to hand fighting skills. Objective is to beat each other up hand to hand in the ring. Or set bets on players.

    Free For All:
    Kill Anyone.

    Free Roam:

    Do whatever you want.

    Undead Survival:
    Survive the waves of the undead on the cannibal island. (The Island: Aztec Undead)

    - Weapons:
    Muskets, The Blunderbuss, Flintlock Pistol, Cutlass

    Throw: Boarding Axe, Dirk, Stinkpots, Hand grenades, Knipple shot.

    Map: (This is just something that came up in my mind, so i made it on paper)

    Example of how the game would look: (Pictures are from the Battlefield 2 Pirate Mod)

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    Coming back with borrowed art work and screenshots of other people's mods is nothing close to showing people that you are ready to begin recruiting or that you have any idea of how you are going to realize your vision of making an OceanSIM / FPS / RPG / Open World Multiplayer Extravaganza( with a healthy does of zombie survival thrown in, what just for kicks?). Where's the company website? Where's the full gameplay script? Where's the GDD? Where's any sort of demonstration of your ability(ie: a CV) as a qualified project manager and producer? Where is it that we can find any evidence what so ever that you are not a 12 year old boy in his basement who just finished playing Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II and now has decided he's going to fix all of that games shortcomings(and add zombies) with a fully featured release of his own.

    What I'm not saying is to give up your dreams. What I am saying is don't take up valuable real estate on the front page of this forum, pushing actually legitimate projects, run by experienced and qualified people, down onto the 2nd and 3rd pages, until you actually know what it is going to take to make even the simplest most dumbed down version of your grand vision. You need to follow all of the suggestions in this thread: and come back here after 6-12 months when you have all of your documentation in order and then you might be ready to start recruiting but even then you still haven't established who you are or that you have the necessary experience to manage a project of this insane complexity. So in light of that, go spend a couple of years on other people's teams, or getting a degree, or putting in the 5000-10,000 hours it takes to master a discipline and then bring up this project again. Until then, good luck and keep your passion burning!

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    Like i just said, the pictures are just an example and the game modes are just a bunch of ideas, right now i just need someone who can draw.

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    Dr Bearhands
    Give up ironbelly, you're just bumping this thread

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    Argggg! Pirates, very interesting! I always loved pirate games and movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordNelson7 View Post
    Argggg! Pirates, very interesting! I always loved pirate games and movies.
    How about software........../JK/

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    So um... Ironbelly is correct. (I'm trying to follow this advice myself, because people wont take me seriously if I don't).

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