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Thread: Kismet UI solution

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    Very interesting. Concerning using with mobile. Opening the testhud map, setting the Default Game Type to UTGameExtHUDInfo and running the game in mobile preview has the Kismet UI and Deathmatch HUD showing. What changes if possible are needed to only show the Kismet UI ?

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    Hey I need some help. I have a counter Int that counts as a total score. Using your scripted feature, I want to make the score visible on the player's screen, but I have a problem. Someone told me that I need to convert an Int into a String, but how am I supposed to do that?

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    Anhrak,i have answered your question here.

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    Hi guys, I'm trying to do simple menu:


    But i don't really know how to stop the camera movement, while menu is active, and how to connect buttons to some actions.
    Tutorial is great, but for more advanced users, not nooby like me.
    Can anybody please share some basic kismet sequence of that menu? Or were i can find some documentation?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hoping someone can help with a problem i have.

    I have this all working fine in the May 2012, just updated to July and i get this when recompiling

    [0006.73] Log: D:\UDK\UDK-2012-07\Development\Src\SimpleExtHUD\Classes\SimpleExtH UDPlayerController.uc(70) : Error, Redefinition of 'event ClientStopCameraAnim' differs from original; different number of parameters

    Any ideas what's going on?


    Well, i chopped out the section about the stop camera and it seems to have compiled at least.

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    It's an upgrade which means parameters might have been changed, as you can see here, ClientStopCameraAnim differs from original different number of parameters, it means either the super function has more parameters or less than yours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey-666 View Post

    Well, i chopped out the section about the stop camera and it seems to have compiled at least.
    He He I see you had the exact same idea. If something doesn't work just break it some more so it works again. ^^ Not sure what that camera section is even used for... at least it seems my mobile HUD doesn't use it.

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    Sorry, I guess this isn't the best place to be asking help. Will make a new thread.

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    I've been having trouble getting this to work with my custom game type. As I understand it, I'm supposed to put this code into my player controller and player input classes so that I can use the kismet HUD, but every time I try to put it with any other code the mouse cursor won't render anymore. The rest of the text/materials show up fine, it's just the cursor that won't work.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

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    "For the new Kismet to work, it has to be allowed to do its thing by the gametype. Included in the UnrealScript is a gametype, if you want to use this in your level/game you must set your level/game to use this gametype, or alternatively merge the relevant code into your own gametype."

    Could someone please explain how to "alternatively merge the relevant code into your own gametype" ?

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