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Thread: Kismet UI solution

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    Hey I have a question - In the code for RenderObject, there are all the outputs for mouse, such as mouse over, left mouse press etc. Now the textboxes and TextMat both extend from RenderObject, but only TextMat has the mouse outputs... is that a bug, or is there a reason behind that? I want to use text boxes (aligned textbox to be exact) for my menu, but right now it would mean I have to create a invisible texture to detect the mouse input...

    Is there a way to fix / (re)enable this for the Render align string / textbox nodes?

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    Thanks for this solution, it's excellent.

    I have a problem with keeping text always centered. I want to be able to show different sentences with varying length that are always centered. Is it possible? Whenever I try to achieve this with the "Position" and "Clip Area" settings the results vary with sentences of different length.

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    thanks dude...nice help for me !

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    Awesome but huds wont show in udk game

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    Hello and thank you for your help. Unfortunately, in UDK Version 07-2013, programming modules "Render HUD", "Number Animate" and "render texture gold Material" does not exist. Do you have any other solution? thank you in advance.

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    is Mouseover working for someone?

    Is ok i got it working

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    Cheers for that; spent around an hour trying to get it working.

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