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Thread: Can't Get my tilt value from my device

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    Can't Get my tilt value from my device

    hi friends.
    Thanks in advance for helping me.
    right now i am creating a game using unreal script. in that game i need the tilt value of the player device. i studied the game document that we can get this value by using the MobilePlayerInput properties like MobileYaw, MobilePitch etc.
    but the value is returning as 0.0 always even my device is rotated.
    i check this with the kismet by using the mobile motion access and made it to print using logs i am getting value from my device in kismet.

    i dont know why i am not getting tile value in the unreal script. i have properly initialize the mobileplayerinput in my code.

    i uses UDK 12-2011 version.

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    All of the "motion" stuff from here is useful:
    Here is a more specific example:

    Also, if you can afford it, the Eat3D iOS example using UDK does a good job explaining the tilt system. That link is here:

    Also, if you can try to explain what is going on a bit better, that might help some of us out, in order to better understand what is happening.
    - Are you using UDK Remote or have you put a build onto your iDevice directly?
    -What iDevice are you using?
    -Can you post your code?
    -Can you show us the portion of whatever it is that is returning the value of 0.0, for motion input?
    -Can you show us your Kismet (if applicable) ?
    -Is there anything else you think we should know?

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    PHP Code:
    // x - pitch, y - yaw, z - roll , if you hold the device(ipod) sideways with the home button to the right
    // or just find it through trial and error :)
    var    input            vector        aTilt
    input            vector        aRotationRate;
    input            vector        aGravity;
    input            vector        aAcceleration
    It just works
    You should read the change logs :P

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    Hi there.
    Thank you very much for your responsible reply to my Question.
    actually i corrected my mistake. i took the values from the MobileYaw, MobilePitch properties. where we must take it from the aTilt which will give us the tilt value of my device.
    i use ipod for test. and i get the input from UDK Remote.
    Thank you very much for your help

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