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Thread: Texture Alignment Mode not working properly

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    Texture Alignment Mode not working properly

    I'm having a problem with the texture alignment mode, specifically the widget. Often times I have to switch between the regular Camera mode and the Texture Alignment mode multiple times (like 5-10 times) before hitting the space bar will actually switch from scaling to translation for the textures on BSP surfaces. Also, sometimes the translation widget decides to stop working entirely. I have a simple rectangle made in a test map, and one wall on the inside scaled and translated the textures fine, the other one wouldn't switch to scale for a while. When it finally did, I tried to translate it afterwards and the translation widget seems to have no effect. The texture doesn't translate in the U or V direction at all. Scaling works fine however. It's very odd. Anyone else encounter this problem?

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    wow had no idea you can scale textures with the widget for bsp , thanks for tip. i was using the f5 surface properties to scale them lol.

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