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Thread: [Tutorial] Skeletal Meshes - From Blender to UDK

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    [Tutorial] Skeletal Meshes - From Blender to UDK

    Hi guys,

    recently I really racked my brain about getting animated objects from Blender to the UDK for some days. And when I finally figured it all out, I packed every aspect of this process into a video tutorial to share it with you, in the hope of helping other desperate Blender users prevent some frustration.

    The tutorial aims at users with some basic knowledge of Blender and the UDK GUI and covers:

    • Things you have to take care of before the blender export (root bone, object size, framerate etc.)
    • Exporting the psk-/ psa files
    • Importing the files into UDK
    • Creating and using simple AnimSets
    • Letting the Player interact with the object (via Matinee)

    You can find it right here in our development blog.

    Hope you guys like it.

    PS: As this is my first video tutorial, I would be happy about some feedback as well!

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    I'm bumping this thread, that tutorial was great. From not knowing anything about skeletal meshes to getting my animation in engine first try because of your video. Your english was great, the pace was perfect and the sound was clear. Thanks a bunch for making that tutorial, it helped me out a lot. You should post it in the blender users/UDK devs groups on indiedb.

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    Wow, thanks alot

    I would be glad to contribute the tutorial to the devs groups, but I've got no idea what that is ^^" Can you tell me more about it?

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