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Thread: Unreal Old Friends Deathmatch Map Pack

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    Net Lizzard
    Wow huge thx for this pack
    You guys the best

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    Hi my friends, its been a while !

    Glad to see you keep mapping

    All that maps look great and make me think to return to mapping

    cheers guys, and take care of you


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    Welcome back Sebastien-Nova!

    You should definitely return to mapping, there are less and less mappers - and mapping and modding is what keeps this game alive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEBASTIEN-NOVA View Post
    All that maps look great and make me think to return to mapping


    thx bro, we miss you

    ...and thx all for the sweet words

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    Unreal Old Friends EG Map Pack coming very soon

    This pack is part # 2 & scheduled to be release December 20th. Stay tune

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    Your very welcome. Have a great end of year.

    By Shrive do you mean Skives? Well I'm not sure what you mean by play's funny, but I'm glad to hear you liking it. Thx for commenting.

    No worries champ, thx for telling us how you feel.

    Glad your liking what you see. I'd be very interested to see your next map, great to hear your still thinking about mapping for UT3.

    @Net Lizzard
    Cheers! Thx for stopping by.

    It sure has been awhile! It would be great to see you come back. Hope all's well in RL.

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    Anubis 'Shadowgod'

    Things are alive as long as we keep it alive...

    Alright, yesterday I downloaded this one and all the other mappacks by you guys! I always wanted to download your mappacks, but I didn't until yesterday, because I forgot about it or soemthing else was on my mind...oh well. Nevertheless, I personally like this mappack very much, because it contains a lot of nice art and well done maps, especially interesting ideas of design. Allow me to tell you, what I think about every map (short version).

    First of all, Amissa and Amissa Night Edition. These maps obviously remind me of Albatross from UT2004 and I do like the result and look of the UT3 version. I honestly have to say, when I played this map for the first time, I didn't get the deal of the lighting and ambience, but later I realized, that I like, because it fits to the map and looks good, especially the Night Edition. I'm a big fan of night maps, because there you can see, who knows how to do mapping and in this case, I love this one. Besides that, I also like this map, because I played it very much in UT2004. Still remember many 1v1s with my soul mates on this map and now I can do this in UT3!

    Let's move on to Insidious. You cannot imagine, how much I played this map in UT2003, because this map is small and fast and once you play with the right number of players, it is a lot of fun and now it is the same thing in UT3. However, the ambience was sweet in UT2003, but the UT3 version kicks ass and I like this! I already some time on this map and it brought good old memories back.

    Tapinak and Tapinak Night Edition. When I see maps like these two, I always get the idea of the floating islands from Tomb Raider 2, because the idea is there. Despite this, I kinda like the structure of these maps. Sure, both maps do look kinda 'simple' and good, but it makes a lot of fun to play them. Especially when you kick the other one over the edge, which I do like to do a lot. Also, the ambience is good done, even when you get the impression, there is only one kind of light, but it is still good. To me, the Night Edition, is a little bit better than the 'day version', but I dunno why! Perhaps because of my little romantic virtue...

    I downloaded the first version of Vortex Legacy some days ago and I liked this version the same way like the new one. Sure, the new one contains more structure and weapons and is a little bit different to Vortex Rikers, but you clearly get the idea, what's going on there. Even when the ambience is different, by using more darkness, it is still a wonderful map, because it is a great part of Unreal history. I hope there will be more like this one in the future, because it looks awesome with UT3 quality and more of this, well let's call it a dream. This map just rocks!

    The map Skives remind me of the typciall UT99 and low poly design, which means the using of add and subtract brushes only and less or no static meshes. I'm a fan of those maps, because they are fun! It is not always necessary, that there are thousands of polygons as detail (static meshes), even something simple looking can be good, like in the case of UT99 and many other maps. Nevertheless, I do like the way, how this map does look...old, alive and interesting, that's what I think. I really like that trap at the shield belt. When I stood for the first time on the class, I thought trap or deco...hmm...but I was too curious and a second later, those spines kicked my ass very much, but it was funny.

    Last, but no least, the map Itarion. This is by far one of the craziest maps I have ever seen. This map doesn't look great only, it is also a huge load of fun to play this map! When I played this map for the first time, I thought...ehrm yeah, where do I have to go. Little help over here!!! Just kidding, the gameplay is awesome on this one! Pretty easy to kick someone over the edge, hehe. Besides that, the design reminds me of Mirror's Edge and Portal somehow, so many cubes...holy moly and the ambience is just delicious, in my opinion. You did a marvellous job there mate and I think this is one of the most futuristic and simple maps in the entire Unreal Universe!

    In the end, all I want to say is, just thank you guys, for this great mappack and I hope there will be more and more by you in the future!!! Keep it up and let it rock!!! Ah yeah, by the way, I also added the preview video to my favourites on YouTube, because I just love it, epsecially the music!

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    down loading now. rek approved. will be back with feed back.

    thanks in advance.

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    I didn't answer everyone but THX for everyone who as comments so far

    Specially THX Anubis for the detailed feedback, this is how "I like to be paid back" Honestly, I'm surprise about the good reception of Itarion since it's my less detailed & simplest map so far which I've made in ±2 months!

    Have fun with the maps & the upcoming ones. It's a nice Christmas gift after all

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    Thanx all for the comments and feedback! Glad ta hear yaz like our maps!
    I hope yaz like the EG pack even more when it's released!

    It's feedback and comments this that inspire us to keep mapping for UT3!

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