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Thread: Legacy(Vortex Rikers v1.1 - PC, PS3)

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    Thanks, but I cant download UT3DOMV5 cause "file not found" on its official website...

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    Download the CBP3. It contains DOM v5
    Oh and, I did a test today and found some bugs, one of it is the fact that I cannot pick up the Enforcer either, I'll list them later in this thread or at UOF, whatever you prefer.

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    A dream came true!

    When a Nali Castle remake? (Only the flyby)?

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    I've upped version 1.1! See first post!

    Version 1.1 changes:*Messages now appear for a lot longer before dissapearing(30 secs), for those who'se native language is not english. Move away from the activated console to turn of quicker.
    *Added message at the beginning about the e key!
    *Moved one active console!
    *Shorter cut of the music track!
    *Changed animation of Krall in Air ducts! He now gets away! (thanx Sly)
    *Tweaked a few other things! (like the Enforcer pickup)

    Iowenz, Maybe one day I'll do a remake of that castle! (I should make it a simple DM level)

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    No problem!

    Btw, I doubt a simple DM map is possible as it's quite some huge level - even if it doesn't look like that! It's better you do this if you reach this point someday in the remake levels.

    EDIT: But its complex architecture might make it a great Classic DOM map!

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    If you will release the full mod. I swear, I'll translate it into Russian (and, maybe, German).

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    That looks fantastic Lord!

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    Thanx for the comment Flak!

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    Will you make the second level? The first is very good.

    P.S.: RPG elements will destroy Unreal.

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    Yes, expect a remake of the second level!

    Regarding RPG elements in an Unreal remake...this would be a good thing(if done right). An RPG element would enrich and expand the storyline and Unreal lore! I'd love to have an Unreal based game that mixes FPS with a good amount of RPG content!

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