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Thread: Archetype usage

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    Archetype usage

    Hi all,

    I'm quite new to UnrealScript, sorry if the question sounds n00bish :-(
    For the making of a sidescroller, I used this kit, however, my needs in game navigation types brought me to thread.
    I copied the code and made some classes as a kit child classes, and almost all works just fine - but the problem is, I use my own Pawn class as a child of kit's PlayerPawn class. PlayerPawn uses archetypes, so I have to define my own archetype in my Pawn child class and replace PlayerPawn's archetype with it . How to do this and where? How to create an Archetype from a class? I tried to find any tutorials but did not succeed. I also tried several ways by myself, but when I implemented an Archetype in script defaultproperties like
    the compiler did not see it, which meant that an archetype should be created from udk editor, but I did not find it there

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    you need to select a class, right click on it a choose create an archetype.

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    Uhm... Ok, but where? In UDK Editor? I mean, I can right click on a static mesh or brush in udk and choose "Create an archetype", but that would be a static mesh archetype. How to create it for a Pawn class?

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    Thank u, this problem is solved

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    I read the two links that you posted and I am stuck on one problem... I am using a modular pawn for my game which allows customization for the character. I had to create an archetype so that all the different skeletal meshes showed up. My question is how can I use the archetype as a playable character? Thanks.

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