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Thread: UDK + Blender

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    UDK + Blender

    ok i don't plan this to be a support thread but i do hope you guys will chip in and add the help/knowledge i'm missing

    so what's it about well i decided to start using/learning Blender for making content for UDK so far i've not got far but what i've learned i've put into video form for others to learn from here's a link to my youtube playlist

    just some basics at the moment but i will be doing vehicles / weapons / characters i hope this will help

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    I truely respect you for doing your homework on Blender before making these videos. In fact, I learned some stuff as I am also learning Blender. Unfortunately, the videos come off as very greenhorn since you didn't use Blender much to do normal 3D work before making the videos. You seemed to be learning Blender as you were making the tutorials, which just seems a bit backward. I don't mean to disrespect, though. You could probably redo these videos after having learned quite a bit from this first run through. You would then have some truely excellent tutorials that I, myself, would appreciate. In these first videos, however, there are just too many little problems. For example, in many of the tutorials, the video was lagging behind the audio rather badly. Maybe you can find a fix for that.

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    I just watched the one on custom collisions. My 2 biggest critiques would be to sync the video and audio, which will help people who are new to what you're teaching follow along better. The other would to try and reduce the "noise" from the microphone as it seems to compete with our voice a bit too much.

    Other than that, I think with practice, everything else will fall into place. That video, you stayed on track very well. I have written many, many text tutorials, but have never really tried to do a video tutorial. So my hat off to you for attempting it and such.

    Just a possible correction... The meshes origin doesn't have to be at 0,0,0 for it to be your pivot point in UDK. The 0,0,0 coordinate in Blender will always be your pivot point. Centering your pivot pot (at least in the X and Y axises) will help you align your mesh up to the 0,0,0 coordinates though.

    This is at least true for the MCampagnini's ASE exporter and UT 3 editor.

    Keep up the good work.

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    thanks guys, i do know that the video's are far from perfect and i'm learning then recording, i'm trying to use free software all through the project+support, please remember i'm a hobbyist not a pro, if you need pro video's then go over to 3dbuzz.

    my aim is to show people how to use blender to make content for UDK but to do that i have to learn about blender which will take a long time, i've used max on and off since GMax ca 2001 so moving to blender is a bit of a jump in work flow, that said some parts of blender doesn't work as it should eg FBX for skeletal meshes we can still use Darknet's PSK/PSA exporter but for how long.

    @Baructt not sure what is causing it to go out of sync but i'll have a look, yes very greenhorn as i started learning blend in October but i've done a lot with UT2004/UT3/UDK so i know what it needs.

    @Odedge the audio noise could be from the "stero mixer" recording mic+game audio. if you tell people to put the pivot at 0,0,0 then they won't have to fix it later, once they get used to making content then they can adapt easier if nessesary.

    ps. trying to model a basic car type for rigging wheeled vehicle video set, the first model+rig went fine just trying to do a little better so that i can start showing vehicle anims in udk

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    Awesome idea, I'll be following along closely.
    I'm pretty much a noob at Blender and had to learn it the hard way to get it working with the UDK.
    I have quite a bit of experience with just my little pipeline that I use (rigging and animation in Blender, getting it to work in the UDK).
    So in short, I know nearly nothing of modelling in Blender but know a bit about getting models ready for UDK via Blender.

    A few general comments:

    • If you import a model created by someone else, and the mesh looks all messed up when importing to UDK (usually with psk/psa files), clear all scale, translation and rotation in object mode. Sometimes it fixes the problem.
    • Rigging is extremely finnicky. Closest I've come to believing satan himself is messing with me.
    • Make sure you assign every single vertex to ONE AND ONLY ONE vertex group.
    • All bones must be parented to one root bone (directly or indirectly).
    • Always use inherit scale, location and rotation on bones.
    • For the love of all that is unholy don't change the model in object mode. Add new stuff, but don't edit. That's what edit mode is for.
    • Learn your shortcuts. Blender was created with a shortcut-based workflow in mind. Use it.
    • If you have to keep other 3d programs in mind, use .obj format.
    • Never export to .fbx if you have animations. UDK doesn't recognize half of the stuff.
    • I think it's a very good idea to learn a bit of Python if you're going to be using Blender for a long time. A lot of issues related to your specific pipeline can be fixed with a bit of scripting.
    • Pray to all known gods before you hit export to psk/psa.

    Just a few off the top of my head, and finally: best of luck with this endeavour.
    If you have any questions about rigging/animation please feel free to ask me. I can't promise anything, but I'll try to help out.


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