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Thread: My game "Bring Me Down" is on the AppStore. :)

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    Hey man I bought your game. I think it's really really good. Just got a couple of small suggestions though:

    1- You need more soundtracks. The same music playing over and over in all levels can make one get bored.

    2- You should implement some sort of achievements and learderboards.

    Apart from that I think you made a wonderful job. Good luck with sales!

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    thank you so much for the feedback, really glad you liked it
    i've been planning on implementing achievements and learderboards in the next update, might as well add a couple more sound tracks

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    Tom Havlik
    After watching the video and looking at the screenshots I still have no idea what the game is about or how to play it.

    Cool art, though.

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    Hey Tom,
    the idea is you tap the boxes (remove them) to bring the structure down while making sure the caged guy doesnt fall off ( u need to make him land on the platform to win), and collect as many banannas as u can
    later on it gets more diffecult and more block types are introduced.

    glad you like the art

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    hany,It's a very good ideas ,I will buy it ,and play it.Er,thanks for your help about my problem about playing movies in kismet.But now I have another question,when the movie play,It's full screen,I can't control it,how can I play,pause and stop it if I don't want to see it ?Do you know that?

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    hey thanks, i replied to your question in your other topic.

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    Will you consider adding Game Center Achievements to it?

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    yes i'm planning on implementing achievements and learderboards in the next update

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    Nice work , congratulations, I will buy it asap, how did you manage to get the game so low on size?
    I have implemented Game Center in my game this week, but my game isn't yet finished, still need at least a week or two!

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    I think what helped me reduce the size is that I coded all the levels, so I only have one main level, and then each level is spawned or deleted using code. A bit tedious to setup but I thought it was worth it.

    good luck with your game.

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