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Thread: Importing FBX with multiple meshes in UDK

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    Question Importing FBX with multiple meshes in UDK


    I need to import into UDK a several amount of FBX models (representing buildings) which are composed by various submeshes (walls, windows, roof...). I need to keep the individual meshes (can't use the merge option) along with their hierarchy as I also need to work with the building as a whole. Do you know if this is possible? How?

    Also, is there a way to keep the textures assignment for the FBX models after importing them to Unreal? Doing the process manually (importing model, importing texture, assign to the material, assign the material to each mesh and submesh) for 100 or 200 models (to import an entire city from City Engine), isn't viable.

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    I think I have already solved the textures assignment problem. the textures linked by the fbx file was not compatible (format and dimension) with UDK, I have also tested with a compatible model but it was probably exported with an older version of FBX Exporter than 2011.

    Now my main concern is related with the lack of a mesh "group" concept to join the various submeshes. This is even more prominent as the vertices sum of a unique main mesh composed of all the submeshes can easier pass the 65k vertices limit per mesh.

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