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Thread: Project Saber Rider looks for reliable 3D Artists [13/10/2012]

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    Looks really great, I remember seeing this game a few months back on the udk forums and I can tell you for sure its coming along nicely keep up the good work and good luck

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    Thanks @XstreamTech

    Okay we got some nice models done but we would need at least one good and reasonable 3D Animator to get some things done very soon.
    If you are a good Animator, please contact me.
    Any help is highly appreciated!

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    cant wait for this game

    is there already a release date ?
    or at least a release window ?

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    The demo comes along quite nicely and is playable however we are in urgend need for the following:

    Texture Artist with good knowledge on Particle Effects and with the Material Editor.
    Cascade Guru
    3D Artist for Buildings and some Environment.

    What needs to be done:
    Particle Effects for Shooting (hero and enemy)
    Enemy dying effect
    Sword effects
    Custom Sky
    Textures for Buildings

    We also need:
    Some City Buildings (Based on Scetches)
    Wild West City Buildings
    Desert Environment

    Since this is very urgent, please contact me directly on Skype: fire-wsp

    What is important:
    We come along very good and the team is motivated but we had some people contacting me to fill in urgent needed positions.
    They told us what they can do and will do but did nothing other then disapearing without notice.
    Such stuff slows us down and is not wanted.

    If you think you can contribute some awesome material, please contact me ASAP

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    Crusha K. Rool
    Jumping in here to say that I am also on the team as coder and can say that we are making good progress.

    Our rail shooter mechanic is implemented with Splines as you can see in the picture above. The player follows this path with some freedom of movement within set boundaries along the track and has a rapid fire weapon that fires plasma projectiles, but the effects for those as well as for the enemy blasters are just placeholders for now, that's why we are looking for a Cascade guru.

    About the "enemy dying effect" Chris mentioned: this one.

    The Cascade guru should also have a solid knowledge about the Material Editor to create appealing yet efficient visuals that stay in the boundaries of our targeted console releases such as Xbox 360.
    Ideally he can fulfill the tasks of a Texture Artist as well to prevent idle-running later in the development cycle. After all go these two areas hand in hand with each other.

    We are currently working eagerly to get an accurate representation of the final product in the demo for our interested publishers and the team is very motivated about it. This is your chance to be a part of that team as well.

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    Tried to contact you, though no reaction in Skype or ICQ...

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    Sorry, was deep into work, didnt saw the request. i have added you now. ^^;

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    I need one Environment Artist who can build a Wild West City with futuritic elements.
    Please contact me.

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    Good evening, I am Brazilian I live in Rio de Janeiro and study Game Design, do not have complete mastery of your language so I am using the translator, and I am sorry for some errors written, but let's get to it:
    I domain of the Maya 2011/2012, Zbrush and am willing to collaborate with your project, I can model, texture, characters and scenarios, and I try to make the rig because I am in this module in my course, and I dedicate myself if you want to animate.
    The study also Realflow, but still do not know anything but I'm UDK with video lessons to learn.
    if you want my help I can answer, Thanks and good luck if you can not help you!

    Boa noite, sou brasileiro moro no rio de janeiro e estudo Design Game, não tenho o dominio completo do seu idioma por isto estou usando o tradutor, e peço-lhe desculpa por alguns erros escritos, mas vamos ao que interessa:
    Tenho dominio do Maya 2011/2012, Zbrush e estou disposto a colaborar com o seu projeto, posso modelar, texturizar, personagens e cenarios, e posso tentar fazer o rig pois estou neste modulo no meu curso, e me dedico a animar caso queira.
    estudo tambem o Realflow, mas ainda não sei nada de UDK mas já estou com video aulas para aprender.
    caso deseje a minha ajuda pode me responder, Grato e boa sorte caso não possa te ajudar !

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    We are still looking for an Environment Artist to Build a Wild West City.

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