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Thread: Canvas-based GUI Framework in UnrealScript [Community Code Project]

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    lol I knew that command to show the menu before, for some reason i didnt try it because i was thinking you created your own menu open command i will try it out.

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    Crusha K. Rool
    Quote Originally Posted by thommie View Post

    and it seems that the mouse input/hovering is also not working 100%...

    Think I found the issue. It's (yet again, those get me every now and then) one of those bloody exclamation marks!
    Way too often am I falling for it and use == instead of != and then spend hours searching the actual issue. -.-

    Well, in this case is it related to the new Getter functions in the GUIMenuScene. For instance do I have
    // Get the current width of the targeted Canvas.
    function int GetScreenSizeX()
        if (bIsScriptedTextureMenuScene)
            if (OwnerHUD != None)
                return OwnerHUD.ViewX;
            if (GUISTH != None)
                return GUISTH.ScriptedTextureResolution.X;
        return 1024;
    there. See something? I actually need to negate the bool before the check. Otherwise it checks the HUD when it's actually supposed to be in ScriptedTexture mode and the ScriptedTexture when it's actually in HUD mode. And usually is the opposite thing never present in that case, so it will just fallback to the "return 1024;" at the bottom. Just negate each IF condition in each Getter function and you should be good to go.

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    I was still thinking there was something wrong with the mouse itself, not something in the components... some of those small things can get really frustrating when you're trying to solve it, i'm always thinking bigger than the problem turns out to be.

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    I've edited the Home page of the wiki, and the Sidebar after adding a small overview of GUIComponent.
    Feel free to change something should you find any errors Crusha

    i will try to add some more in the coming days.

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    Crusha K. Rool
    Nice. Remembers me that I still need to implement the sorting by priority for drawing the Components. Currently only their order of declaration matters and the priority simply determines which component is considered selected when the mouse is over multiple overlapping components.

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    Added 3 wiki pages, GUIComponentModifier, GUILabelComponent, GUIVisualComponent.
    only important variables (to be set in the defaultproperties) and some functions.

    i was thinking of releasing another update next week with some minor additions and tweaking, i might even add a new MenuScene with a semi-working options screen.

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    some minor changes, glad to announce alignment for the text

    at R39:

    -added GUISliderManager, this class gives the GUIBaseSliderComponent the ability to move other components. can be used to scroll through a list that is larger than the screen.
    -added AdvancedExampleMenuScene, this adds more functionality to the original ExampleMenuScene. to activate it, set it in the GUIExampleHUD's defaultproperties.
    -added CustomSystemSettings, this is not an ideal way of setting options, but it works.
    -added some lines to the Localization file.
    -removed some obsolete code from GUIExampleHUD
    -edited ExampleMenuScene to work properly again, exit button now closes the application.
    -added comments and Alignment functionality to GUIScrollBoxComponent.
    -fixed GUIMenuScene not working, added DefaultInputComponent options to PushPage and PopPage.
    -added alignment to GUILabelComponent.
    -GUICompatiblePlayerController changed parent class to solve error, i think you should ignore this crusha.
    -Added alignment to GUIButtonComponent.

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    Crusha K. Rool
    Nice, was waiting for alignment options. :>
    And the SliderManager sounds very interesting.

    Yeah, that options are probably the best way to handle things as long as we don't have a GET command. Just a small hint: you can use "setres 1024x768x32" to set those values the proper way instead of using the set command.
    Gamma can also be adjusted with "Gamma [FLOAT]". And PlayerInput offers a bunch of functions for setting things like mouse smoothing, inverting and so on.
    And the command "dumpavailableresolutions" used to dump all resolutions supported at the user's screen to the log, but one of Epic's techs said that he was going to change it so that instead dumps the resolutions as return value for that console command, so a menu could potentially use that output to provide the available resolutions in a combobox later.

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    i started out with the SetRes, but since you couldn't change all the other options at runtime i figured this would also do.

    there is just 1 problem with the SliderManager, the text moves a bit up when you first move all the components and refuses to move down again.

    if you would check the AdvancedExampleMenuScene, you would see i've got a SliderManager and a Slider present in the options menu though neither are visible. the Slider only becomes active when needed, currently all items fit within the specified area.

    oh and i forgot to add the .ini for the systemsettings.

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    Crusha K. Rool
    Small update, as some crucial issues were fixed.

    -Fixed bug that caused always default return value for getter functions in
    -Fixed an issue that cause Components to be only clickable in a
    small area around the center.
    -Separated debug-frame drawing from normal drawing to assure that it's always
    called. (Actually I am not sure now if it's getting called at all…)
    -Added OnCustomDraw delegate and bCallCustomDraw variable. The delegate will get
    called immediately before DrawComponent and allows to either completely replace
    the normal drawing (turning the component into a scripted texture within the
    menu system) or to at least alter some last-second values. Returning True from the delegate will skip the normal render process.
    -Cursor should now start at 500, 300 position for convenience.
    -Made sure that Scaleform movies are really removed when using this system.

    I now also noticed the root of all of my trouble here: for some reason is the game getting paused when I progress from my first menu screen to the next (which is exclusively done with the Enter key), causing my InterpActor in the background not to rotate as well as my Timer for starting the next map not to fire off properly. Now I just needed to know what that reason is…

    EDIT: The reason was self-inflicted by using the Enter key to progress to the next screen but by also having the "Pause" command bound to it. I simply disabled the ability to pause the game in the GameInfo now and was fine.

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