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Thread: Offroad Drive Adding maps, and other "DLC" type items

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    Offroad Drive Adding maps, and other "DLC" type items

    I'm looking at adding a map into the game "Offroad Drive" for PC. Is it possible? The game was done on Unreal, and I'd definitely like to add some new maps, and content to it. Any idea how to go about it? I don't need a tutorial on UDK so much, but when I tried to create a basic "test" map, the game crashes when it tries to load it.

    When I tested it, I simply made the test map, and used an already existing filename for the map.

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    I don't know anything about that game, but even if it's done in Unreal, you wouldn't be able to make new maps for it. Not only would it be impossible because UDK uses a different build of the engine, but all games made with the Unreal Engine have protection so that the files can't be modified since you'd need to do that to add more content.

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    Im not quite sure but if I look at Coda,
    I find in coda\UTGame\CookedPC\Coda\maps

    map files. you can try to add some things, but I havent found out how to add packages to the game. I you can try to cook the packages and look for .tfc and .upk files in the game.
    I dont think its going to work, but you can try..

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    I can tell you it's not going to work--the versions of the files aren't compatible, you can't use files from a newer version of the engine and run them in an older version.

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