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Thread: TeamBPS: Modeller and Animator Needed!

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    Exclamation TeamBPS: Modeller and Animator Needed!

    TeamBPS is looking for anyone who can Model and animate a character for our upcoming IOS Game Avoidance: A Knightly Duty, this opens up two possible positions at TeamBPS one for a Character Modeller and the other Character Animator.

    As a Character modeller you would be required to:
    • Work with the Designers & Concept Artists
    • Keep the Poly count below 14,000
    • Create Textures/Normal Maps/Spec maps for the Characters

    As a Animator you would be required to:
    • Work with the Character Modeller to ensure the mesh is able to be rigged and fully animated
    • Animate the Characters given to you
    • Work with the Designers & Concept Artists

    You would also receive Royalty for helping us reach our goal, so everybody wins.

    To Apply for these Positions please Reply to this topic and Post your Portfolio or ask Questions should you feel the need to ask anything.

    More information about Avoidance: A Knightly Duty can be found here:

    Thanks for taking the time to View this topic

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    Just an update post to show you what we're currently working with:

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    Positions are still open *bump*

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    @NothAU: Ahhhh! A Victorian! Kill it with fire!


    Looks interesting.
    Isn't a 14,000'ish polycount kinda high for a iOS game?

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    Well reason I left a 14,000 polycount because it opens up the possiblity of working on Future Projects aswell, and with Epics Mesh Simplification tools it should be able to reduce the poly count ever so slightly.

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    Oh yes, I forgot about that tool.
    Noticed the .au for the website - is the team mainly based in Australia?

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    NothAU is the Austrialian part of the Team and he owns the website and I'm British, so at the moment theres currently only 2 of us working on this.

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    While we Still need A Modeller and a Animator, we desperatly need an Animator to animate the new Maya rigged Model we recently brought.

    What would be expected of you:
    Paint the Weights for animation
    Animate the Character (Walking, Jumping up/down, falling over)

    More Information will be given upon contact.

    Thank you =)

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