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Thread: True First Person Demo 2012-04-18

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    @GentlemenGraphics: I PM'd you back, but as I said in there, it was working last time I used it, before I disabled it.
    Have no idea why it wouldn't work.
    May re-enable it at a later date...

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    Dunno if this has been covered at all...but could this method be used to see the full body? The shoulder/arm effect looks great...what would it take to be able to look at your feet or body while playing...I've always found games that you cannot see your own legs frustrating!

    And thanks for sharing your materials. I think the community will get a lot out of it

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    You don't have to do a thing - it already does that
    Haven't hear the term 'true first person viewpoint' before?

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    well not sure why yet as I am trying to find a reason but it seems to crash in the new october release in the editor. anyone else tried it there yet ?

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    Just shifted everything over to the October release and did a full recompile to test this myself.
    I experienced no issues my end, but I manually updated the October config files.

    Perhaps copying the tfp demo configs over the October configs results in a bad setting?

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    the weird thing is i am getting the crash from the character package. not sure whats wrong .... I maybe have a bad file or something but if you started from scratch would you have to modify more in the configs than to add your compile to the default? is there something i am missing?

    So anyways did a fresh install of both the sept and oct release and if you package the game it wont start for whatever reason it just leaves you in spectator mode and sometimes it disables all keys so you cant even exit out.
    I will look deeper as I am sure its something in the config files, but in the mean time if anyone else is having this issue and has resolved it

    thanks again Jusko

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    Update in the works, based on October 11 version of UDK.
    • Fixed misc sprint issues.
    • Added swimming, but I found that default swimming had the player model bobbing up and down like crazy or clipping the ground. Fix is simple and it should replicate fine.
    • Updated jumping to transition between a short and long fall (allow aiming / no aiming) as well as lean into jumps and out of falls.
    • Added sitting animation while in manta.
    • Working on replication.
    • Need to fix missing sound errors.
    • Need to add gibs.

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    [*]Working on replication.

    I freaking love you!

    by the way slowJusko how did you made the Weapons Profile Animsets? i mean Just using the UDK editor or in a external software'?

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    @slowJusko thanks a billion for this .. though I have one question, i started learning Unrealscripting recently.. I just can't see where u did the Code for ADS .. is it in the playercontroller.uc ?

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    tfpPawn check the StopAltFire function and ToggleIronSights

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