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Thread: True First Person Demo 2012-04-18

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    I don't have any sword in the game help?

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    thanks I worked it out in the end, BTW really nice job.

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    @GentlemenGraphic: You're not supposed too. The sword stuff in the code/assets was just me mucking around with a melee weapon. Thought the snippet might come in handy for someone and I may it properly later.

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    Very Nice Source Code

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    This is awesome. Thanks for this.

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    So well slowJusko In order to get my Own weapon hold types to work I just export 1 frame animations with every pose? Left,Right crouch etc? And what if i wanted to use the aim offset system?

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    @alvarofer0021 :
    You could use a AnimNodeAimOffset if you had some standard aim offsets and use the AnimNodeSequenceBlendByAim for all the rest.
    From memory, Gears of War does this.

    Otherwise, yes, 1 frame animations for the AnimNodeSequenceBlendByAim in each pose - CU, CC, CD, LU, LC, LD, RU, RC, RD.
    Once created, you turn them into additive animations in the AnimSet editor (see Creating an Additive Animation).
    As long as the name of the animations follow the proper naming conventions (Ready, ADD_Ready_CC etc) it will work with out modifying the animation tree further.
    You will need idle animations and such too, unless you want the poses blended with the default idle animation

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    WOW!...very nice;thanks.

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    Sorry for asking here again but i got one last question about the additive Animations

    If lets say i create a animset holding all my weapons stances

    Then ok i create a weapon that uses those animsets

    But if i create a weapon that lets say Uses a diferent hand pose But the rest its the same as the animations

    I need to create the whole set of animations for this weapon too?

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    It would depend on how different the animation was.
    If it was a simple shift of the left hand on the front of the weapon, then no.
    If it was a completely different style of aiming the weapon, then yes.

    You could, for instance, share all the animations between an M4 Carbine and a FAMAS, with the FAMAS reload animation in a new animation set.
    Make sense?

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