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Thread: Survivor:Forgotten World ( Open World Survival RPG)

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    Update 3 ( Yeah i Keep Pushing Updates )

    *Players can now Use/Eat items from they inventory
    *Added Debug HUD For player needs
    *Added a new sprinting animation Still it needs some work
    *The Inventory now displays player current inventory weight and max Weight

    And heres a new video showing the sprinting New Animation and the inventory work

    Feel free to critisice And give out your opinions

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    is your inventory a scaleform one? and how do you call it up if it is not one?
    I like your premise keep up the good work

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    Thanks and Yes its using the scaleform classes only a ScrollingList that i populate with a array containing the player items

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    UPDATE 4

    *Added Support for dropping Items
    *Player can cut trees using a pickaxe
    *Added Sleeping (Still kinda buggy when switching animations)
    When the player starts to sleep The day moves faster since it changes the time dilatation to 4.0
    *New HUD

    And video showing sleeping

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    I know that the tree spawns barrels atm i have no model for wood

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    wow looking cool allready. I'm curious on how you got those things working so well

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    Thanks by the way The moddb profile has been opened! Be sure to take a look here

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    Yea tis lookin good! keep at it, i am pretty sure you will find some artists soon enough.

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    We have a 3D Modeller!!!

    Say Hello to Eshton!!!

    Just for those that mind here are a few samples of his work

    Name:  knifep.jpg
Views: 198
Size:  34.1 KB

    Some of the work he did for survivor

    And as last What i have been working on

    First of all i changed the way weapons are handled

    Heres a picture made by eshton to show the new system of Maintance /condition

    Basicly Now the durability is mainly based on your crafting level The higher your crafting level is the greather durability your weapon hax if your crafting skill is 0 your weapon durability is 100% if your crafting skill is lets say 5 your weapon durability becomes 120%

    Also based on your weapon condition The weapon model changes to Not damaged,Damaged,Barely Damaged And VERY damaged versions of the model itself!! (Yeah inspired by dead island)

    Also i have been working pretty close on the inventory!

    Using items and dropping items work quite fine i only have some overlapping and physics issues on dropping but thats quite easy to fix Ill update again once i fix an problem i have with the items array not updating

    So well thats it Remember to check us out in moddb!!


    And facepunch!

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    New banner! by our new gfx artist Sharki GFX!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and video showing the wood cutting mechanics

    Also check the moddb profile Becouse our new gfx artist Just did a TON! of new Pictures and media for the profile!

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