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Thread: [WiP] UDK project Ether

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    I honestly can't make heads or tails of the maps shown in the screens, not based on the layout sketch anyway... I like where this is going.

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    White Paper Games
    Hey Hellclown,

    Thanks for the feedback. The area shown with the UDK blockmaps is the area on the far right of the layout sketch. We've not build the entire map just yet, just the starting point really. So there is still a lot of room for expansion.

    On the fourth image shown, there is a white box type thing. That would be the red text on the layout sketch. The area built up around it would be the white text. The Orange Green Yellow etc texts haven't been blocked out yet.

    Hope this clears a few things up

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    I guess I can see that now. Keep up the good work.

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    White Paper Games
    Wow! Long time no update. We were demoted all the way down to page 8! Apologies about lack of updates. As is such the case in any development sometimes you have to take a step back an wonder if you are heading in the right direction. We did just that and decided we needed an even fresher approach on our game design. Hopefully we've found that new direction and will be posting updates as they come Thanks for checking out our work!

    We've also just relaunched our website so please feel free to check it out!

    The first thing is that our concept of Ether is very nearly finalized with only visuals to nail before we can start to push on and complete our first prototype! Yep that’s right we are finally moving into development and with that we are hoping to be releasing lots and lots of new info on Ether and White Paper Games and exactly what we are about, where we are heading and why YOU guys should keep following us and get involved!

    Its going to be a month or so before we are at that stage so to keep you all ticking over I have a few pieces of concept art to show you as well as a piece of 3D art (Work in Progress) courtesy of Broady Blackwell.


    Sit down, there is no reason to be scared

    All I could see, was the sea

    Cheers for checking out our progress and it definitely wont be so long until the next update

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    White Paper Games
    Hey guys,

    So we havnt really been posting too many design updates and relying more on concept art to push our game at this stage. This is mainly due to the fact that we dont want to give too much away before the release of the game and focus more on our development stages instead. I’ve uploaded a few shots of the work we’re doing in the UDK along with the planning process behind it. The visuals in UDK have evolved since these shots so they’re by no means finished textures, more placeholders for our gameplay.


    First image shows some of Josh Taylors concept art being used to get a feel for the environment the player is in. How the house got there is still a mystery…

    More layouts of how the Island will look and feel to play. We need this stage as organic feeling as possible.

    Now we start to add landmarks so we can get a feel for the pacing and where to change up the game play.

    Then we plan the next stages, move things around, iterate it and test it again. All part of the prototyping stages

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    White Paper Games

    Ether Update

    Hi all,

    Pretty productive day working on the Ether Island. Still lots of props to add from our artists but just trying to get a good atmosphere on the Island as we know the player path now. More images than text today as its getting closer to Christmas and my mind is slowly winding down


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    This sounds incredibly interesting... And it's nice to see more devs from England! Personally I think this will turn out pretty damn good!

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    White Paper Games
    Hey SHdude,

    Thanks for the kind words! Where about's in the UK are you based? Are you a dev? Student? etc..?

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    Something surreal and unique? Beautiful man, this world needs more creative games like that for sure.. Cant' wait to see where you take this innovative idea

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    White Paper Games
    Thanks Ironbelly Just checked our your website. Some pretty interesting stuff on there. Couldn't see anything on the projects page but will look out for your work in the forums Lots of high skilled work going on in your team, I like the direction you guys are taking,looking forward to seeing your teams stuff too!

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