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Thread: Chronoshift

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    White Paper Games
    I'm really digging the camera style you’ve gone for. A really nice 3rd person cam that’s also gathering your location at any exact point, what will that be used for?

    Loving the high jump also, not too over the top and looks believable.

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    Falcon concept art edited

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    yep.. looking forward to seeing the design style you guys choose to move forward with

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    Thursday the 7'th (tomorrow) there will be alot more concept art.

    get a first look at the great city of Pendulum tomorrow!

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    Wow! Character class edited!

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    So is this a school project? Are you looking for expand your team? Do you have any plans for this project such as retailing or showing it to publishers? Details, details! xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by TADT View Post
    So is this a school project? Are you looking for expand your team? Do you have any plans for this project such as retailing or showing it to publishers? Details, details! xD
    it is in fact a school project, yes. The entire project background is about new media (social media). We all really wanted to make an awesome game and for school we just have to advertise it really well.

    On the team size: I would reeeeealllly like to have more people working on it because we always want more assets and levels for the game. but for now it's just us 5. 1 programmer (me) and 4 art/level/character/animation guys.

    When we finish it (around januari 2012) we plan to bring a 'beta' out to the public. We try to get as much people to get to know Chronoshift. and after a beta period i would really like to keep working on it. But only if it's succesfull. If alot of people really like the game. we would like to keep the end project FTP (free to play) and make special content available for a certain price. Special content may contain better armor / skins, a different weapon for 1 class and many more.

    This will all only be achievable if i can get stuff to work

    Keep up with this Work in Progress thread as it will be updated very regularly (even in weekends).

    You can follow us on Facebook:


    Lead programmers blog:

    and youtube:

    The Chronoshift website is going up soon!

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    A health system has been made! I could post a video but its not that interesting. How it works: when the player takes damage, he regenerates after a few seconds. He only regenerates to a certain health level (25, 50, 75, 100). For this weekend i will be working on custom damage indicators so the player knows he's being hit and from where.

    The art guys have been making custom weapons today. Lots of concept art and almost finished drawings will be uploaded soon.

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    Next team meeting is monday morning so we can all expect to see more new stuff monday afternoon!

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    A small update to keep you all interested

    one of our concept/art guys is sick so progress there goes a bit slower than expected... Too bad but not a real problem yet

    Programming has made a bit of progress on the AI of bots. Bots wil now walk around random using pathnodes and notes. So the level designers can edit how far they want every bot to walk around. There are still some bugs in this area but i will post a video soon showing what this looks like

    and that's about it for now.

    Stay tuned!

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