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Thread: Possible to test with a Student iOS Dev Acc

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    Possible to test with a Student iOS Dev Acc

    hi i have a few question about publishing and simply testing games on my iphone...

    1. I know i need a iOS Dev Account but is it possible to use a Student license ?
    2. I read anywere that i need a mac to do that ,is that true ?
    3. Do i need all this to simply test the game on my mobile ?

    thanks in advance

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    You need a registered iOS developer account to be able to test on the device. I have no idea what a student account is, but if you can log in to the developer site and get to the provisioning portal and create/download certificates then I assume it will work.

    You only need a Mac to submit to the App Store.

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    ok thanks for the fast answere i try it will try it with the student account

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