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Thread: Ironbelly looking for a talented Matinee / Cinematic person

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    This project is looking good. Nice concepts and artwork. I look forward to progress updates.

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    Wanted to update the thread with our first progress Video showing off some of the work done on the project to date as well as a great track done by our Audio team, being lead by the one and only Nick Dixon

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    awwwwww..... why did you do that?..... a video, a good track and then BUM static images......... I was waiting for for a few seconds of ingame video recording.......

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    Because I'm particular about what we show to the world. The 'bum' static images are ready to be shown to the public, our in-game footage isn't quite there yet and so it'll be kept under wraps for a little longers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironbelly View Post
    Because I'm particular about what we show to the world. The 'bum' static images are ready to be shown to the public, our in-game footage isn't quite there yet and so it'll be kept under wraps for a little longers
    Yeah well given this "project" has been in the works for over a year and you still have yet to show anything other than concept art, doesn't bode well.

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    I'll do my best to refrain from baiting a troll here but to answer your concern I would have to point out that 90%+ of projects here who do have in-game shots to show end up going no where so I would hardly use that as a measuring stick for the progress or health of a project. Not to say that they aren't important to gauge the progress of a project but it's hardly the end-all be-all and the way we operate is such that I'd rather refine our final product to be as accurate of a representation of our final product than to just throw it out there ASAP to re-assure skeptics of our progress

    The project itself has only been in full gear since August as it took us a few months or real pre-production and team building to get to a point where we began operating as a well oiled machine with a core group of some 25 individuals, complimented by 10-15 other members with less time on their hands to contribute. Either way, what we have accomplished and the professional manner in which we operate is enough that we've been able to attract and keep some of the most talented artists, from all disciplines, more than a few of them industry vets who've held senior positions at AAA studios.

    Bottom line is we're kicking ass and if you are a skilled, passionate and experienced individual that wants to work with one of the most professionally run and well organized indie dev teams around then we're your ticket and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    3 new shots to welcome in the new year.. We are going to be releasing an interesting video series coming up so stay tuned for that on our youtube channel:

    and now for the updates:


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    Quite a few calls for ‘in-game’ footage recently. Not that we are the sort of team that bows to pier pressure, but Iornbelly do expect to be releasing game play footage at the end of January in our monthly showreel update.

    We hope ALL the material we show is well received, whether that’s 2D, 3D or some slammin’ music!

    Be creative, be happy….

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    Yea, you guys should not worry about releasing some WIP stuff, it doesn't have to look beautiful...but just my 2 cents I guess.

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    It's a lot of foundational work to produce what we have in mind and even then we've always stressed that the the scope of this project will always be kept to a bare minimum.. that being said it is amazing how much bloody work actually goes into creating even a scaled down and simple FPS experience that is compelling and exciting, plus putting in the business and organizational structure to support the efforts of the 30+ people needed to produce it. There is a snow ball effect though when you reach a certain point where things really start all coming together at once and that's what we are seeing right now.

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