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Thread: Ferris wheel animation (useable by player)

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    Hmmm I'll give it a try. Is there any way to make collision for the carts so the player can stand in them? Even though what I have now flips the carts near the top, it was ridable halfway so I used per poly collision on one of the carts, and got in it but as soon as it starts moving I just fall through it. =[

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    Im not too sure about that one. if you are using a kactor make sure u have "pawn can base on" set to true. The rest i guess is trvial ( make sure block all is chosen in the collision properties) . I didn't know you would be riding it so i'm not sure of the consequences.

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    Yeah, riding it is looking less and less likely. I just can't figure out the collision properly for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessieG View Post
    That sounds much easier! So have the root bone in the middle of the ferris wheel, with bones extending from that to the top of each cart, then a bone down from each of those to constrain the cart itself to?
    Were u successful getting your Ferris Wheel to animate? If so, any chance you could do a screen shot of how you placed the bones? Would be so grateful. I've been trying to get my wheen to animate for days now without success.

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