Hi guys so I'm new to UDK, these are some questions:

1. I have autodesk maya 2012 (damn expensive) and UDK june 2011. I remember seeing from somewhere that I need to change the grid of maya first?

2. Are there any optimizing splitscreen tutorials? ( I don't have a license so I can't view the UDN page)

3. How to make my very own skybox, water, texture

4. When I create water it is always square in shape and when I enlarge it the texture becomes horrible, what should I do?

5. If I were to make a very large map ( nicely made), will it be more demanding?

6. If I make models from maya, will it have collision with the players?

7. On average, how much time an environmental artist will work on a large terrain?

8. How to programe a powerful AI?

Thanks for everyones help.